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We offer Fresnel concentrated solar power (CSP) to generate hot water / steam to meet client needs

How the CSP linear Fresnel plant Work

The Linear Fresnel technology uses long, flat or slightly curved mirrors to focus sunlight onto a linear receiver located at a common focal point of the reflectors. The receiver runs parallel to and above the reflectors and collects the heat to heat/boil water in the tubes. The reflectors make use of the Fresnel lens effect, which allows for a concentrating mirror with a large aperture and short focal length.

• Industrial Process Heating
• Solar Water Desalination
• Solar Enhanced Oil Recovery
• Electricity Production


Why Use Linear Fresnel in Your Project?

• Linear Fresnel concentrator design and low cost manufacturing is the key to the unmatched  efficiency and lowest Cost per Watt energy production.
• Now solar thermal heating is competitive than natural gas , oil , electrical and other traditional  heaters and steam generators.
• More than 80% Egyptian local components.



• Lower investment cost and longer life time thanks to usage of flat mirrors 
• Low wind-loads reduce breaking of mirrors and reduce costs for motors and gears 
• Higher land use efficiency compared to other CSP technologies.
• Low operation and maintenance cost due to easy access and cleaning 
• System error monitoring
• Temperature set point control
• Multiple land use since collectors can be installed on rooftops